Whale Watching in Bahia

Whale watching off Salvador da Bahia

Shuttle to praia do forte, visit of the whale institute and a 3 houre whale watching  ESCUNA boat trip. Obervação de baleias, as the brazilians say.  Here at the coast of  Praia do Forte we can find the whales from mid Juli to November only. when they come here to there breading grounds. The  "Baleia Jubarte" thats the local name for the humpback wale.  We make a trip about 3 miles to open water to find the wales. Here we can see the them in the atlantic giving birth to there calves or fighting for a female, among other social groups or individuals.

Breathtaking moments with the Humpback whales at the coast of Salvador da Bahia. Whale watching in Praia do Forte  Bahia  ist very easy with your  english speaking guide. whale watching off salvador bahia


Whale watching Salvador da Bahia,  Praia do Forte  Brazil, Whale watching from Salvador with your englisch speaking guide.

Are you ready for this wonderful adventure here in Bahia Brazil

whale watching off salvador bahia
whale watching off salvador bahia

whale watching salvador